How to give your kids the best birthday ever!

Bring the kids and we’ll give you lifetime memories and throw in a whole lotta fun during one of our famous Battlezone Laser Tag birthday events.

Are you planning a special birthday for a kids party? You really can’t go past our unique laser tag events. They are an exciting and engaging way to to bring the kids together for an awesome experience. Every time.

Mums and dads, brothers and sisters, all your family and friends...everyone can play! Our Family Fun Events are specifically designed for kids from age 7 to 12 years and provide full on excitement that add a heavy dose of laughter to any birthday. Quite often the adults have more fun than the kids! Bring your family closer together and share in the high fives!

For the best value, book in a Birthday Package. It’s an easy and hassle-free way to come play Battlezone Laser Tag. We supply everything you need to have a memorable event...all you need to bring is the cake!

Our Maitland Gaol venue provides a real jail cell for a party room. That’s right...we play in a real prison! There’s nothing else quite like it in all of Australia!  Up and down stair cases, in and out of cell blocks and clearing cell rooms...this is as real as it gets! Your invitees will be falling over themselves to RSVP to come play at this birthday party and your child will be the real hero of the day!

Our Party Packages can include a pizza and drink option or you can bring in your own refreshments and nibbles. Travelling light is the way to go. We’ve got a lot to fit in to our schedule. Be prepared to be onsite for a good two hours. These events run from 4pm until 5:30 on Saturday afternoons, then allows you an additional half hour onsite for your celebration.

Our Call of Duty Package is our most popular package that allows for 10 players including 5 pizzas, 10 soft drinks and a lolly bag for each player. Got more players? No worries we can accomodate 60 at one time, easily!

The birthday person will receive a gift voucher that entitles them to come again and play another time for free! That’s a $39 value and our way of saying Happy Birthday! We always take a group photo and then photograph the players on the battlefield for you...another added bonus and a great way to share the experience with friends on Facebook

Not everyone wants to bring a group. You can certainly book in as many or as few players as you want. Particularly if you have other celebrations planned for offsite at the conclusion of our event. We’ll get the players kitted up and run them through their missions. You can choose to sit back and relax or join the the gaming.

Our focus is on team scoring and is not based on individual effort. Even the very young appreciate  team playing! It’s a good feeling to work as a group, trying to out-manoeuvre the enemy and gain valuable points together. At the end of each mission we debrief the players, swap ends and do it again! Team Death Match is our most popular mission. Everyone plays the entire time and no one needs to sit out when they’re eliminated. They go back to their base, push a button on their medic box and go out to play some more! This is exciting, heart pounding action from beginning to end...HOOAH!