Extreme Events

Key Info

$65 per player
Suitable for ages 13+
3 hour event

About the Event

This is the ultimate gaming experience. Battlezone Playlive offers gamers challenging missions, realistic scenarios and 3 HOURS OF EXTREME ACTION! If you take your gaming seriously, these are the sessions for you. Our mission library is constantly expanding – gamers are required to think tactically, work as a team and execute plans flawlessly for a chance at victory.

Please note: Due to the complexity of these sessions, we can only run Extreme events once per month. These events are tailored for players aged 13 and up.

Play awesome missions.

Extreme sessions are where we really let our imaginations run wild. We play a variety of scenarios, from simple Team Deathmatch to complex missions like VIP Escort and Bunker Assault.


"We loved having the 2 Snipers, it made the game extra challenging."


Our entire armoury at your disposal.

10 varieties of gaming guns, spanning sub-machine guns to sniper rifles, each with their own specific handling, strengths and weaknesses. What are you waiting for?


Get into the action.