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Is the equipment eye safe?

Despite the name “laser skirmish” there are actually no lasers used. The use of the word 'laser' is simply a marketing term. Instead, the units emit invisible, harmless infrared light, just like your TV remote control. There are also LED's used to simulate 'muzzle flashes'. These are basically bright flash light globes.

What's the minimum age to play?

The recommended minimum playing age is 7 years. Younger children can play if accompanied by an adult and remain supervised at all times. Please discuss any age concerns at the time of your booking. Due to current legislation, our models designated M4 and P90 can only be used by adults (ages 18+). Proof of age is required. Mini Mac's, Scorpions, King Scorpions and Cobras can be enjoyed by all ages. The Commando model can be used by ages 12+ while all other models are suitable for ages 15+. Don't worry, we'll be able to help you decide which gun is best suited to your size and age!

What do I wear?

You must wear sturdy, enclosed footwear such as runners, joggers or boots. Bare feet, sandals, flip flops or high heels will not be allowed on the field. A hat or cap must be worn. You can bring your own or use one of ours. A hat is for hygiene reasons as a sensor is worn on a headband fitted to the hat.

What if it rains?

We play on, unless the rain is severe or there is lightning. We monitor the weather radar at all times and can usually wait for storms to pass and continue playing within a few minutes. We reserve the right to cancel a session at any time particularly due to weather conditions or safety concerns. If we cancel the event you will be entitled to a refund or we can reschedule. Please call us if you are unsure of the weather conditions on the day of your event. If there is no message regarding a cancelled event then you can assume we are expecting you. There will be no refunds allowed for 'no shows'.

How much time should we allow for an event?

For any event, please ensure you group arrives NO LATER THAN 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO START TIME. A typical event is approximately 2 hours duration including registration, safety briefing, equipment setup, debriefings and a short break. An event usually includes at least 4 x 15 minute standard 'Team Deathmatch' games. The length of each game and break may vary depending on the number of players and the field conditions. A 'Family Fun Event' is shorter duration including 4 x 10 minute 'TDM' games. An 'Extreme Event' is a 3 hour duration and involves any combination of objective based missions varying in time, and can involve anywhere from 6 to 8 games and more.

What's included in the price?

You get to use the latest technology in outdoor Laser Tag gaming equipment, including unlimited 'ammunition'. The price also includes venue entry and is inclusive of GST, as well as hat rental if you forget to bring your own. Your event includes any number of games suitable for the age group on the day. There will always be a minimum of two competent staff available for you and all our staff are cleared for 'Working with Kids'. Allow some extra cash on hand to buy a drink or chocolate bar during the half time break.

Do I need spare clothes?

It may be necessary during wet weather. Remember to dress in 'layers' so you can remove outer garments as you heat up. Even in cold weather you are likely to work up a sweat!

Can I bring in my own food, drinks and water?

Yes, you are welcome to bring in your own drinks and nibbles. You must bring your provisions when you first enter. There is no time to allow you to exit again until the event concludes. Please note: It's important to clarify this at the time of your booking. We are constrained by time, so discuss your requirements with our staff when you book your event to avoid disappointment. We do sell cold drinks and have an assortment of chocolate available for purchase. The time we have for our break is limited, so there is a limit on what you should carry in. For our Family Fun Events, we have packages available which includes pizzas and drinks. You must book this at the time of your session booking. Please note: There is a zero alcohol tolerance at our venues. ANY PLAYER THAT EXHIBITS ANY FORM OF INTOXICATION WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ACTIVITY. Any persons that we consider to be intoxicated will be asked to sit out for the duration or the organiser will be required to ask them to sit out. There will be no refunds allowed nor given.

What if I lose something?

Please don't take any valuables onto the field when you play. In some instances we can 'hold' items for you but take no responsibility for missing items. When you finish playing, always check that you have all belongings you entered with. We usually try to hold onto any missing items we come across when closing down the venue; please get in touch with us if you think you may have left something behind, but note that we cannot guarantee that we have it!

Can I bring additional players?

Priority will be given to people who have made a booking, so we recommend booking an extra ticket online prior to the event time to avoid disappointment. We will accommodate extra players provided there are spots available after all paid bookings have been registered.

What if I'm running late?

Unfortunately we will not be able to wait for you. Please respect and be considerate to other groups that have arrived on time. If we have started the safety briefing, please kindly be patient and wait until we finish. We will then try our best to quickly get you ready and fit you in with the other groups.

Can I leave early? Can other people enter the venue?

There are instances where people need to leave our venues prior to the conclusion of an event. Please make our staff aware of your needs when you arrive and they will make every effort to accommodate you, within reason. Please note: with regards to Maitland Gaol, if there are others expected to come to pick up your players at the conclusion of an event (such as parents for a child's birthday party), they must wait outside the main gates and you can 'hand them off' at this point. Please tell all parents of this necessity before the event. Because of the nature of our events we cannot allow casual entry.