6 Reasons to choose laser tag for your birthday party!

6 reasons to choose our unique brand of laser tag for your kids birthday.

1. A lifetime of memories and hours of fun! A laser tag birthday party is an immersive, safe  and engaging activity for all ages and fitness levels.

Are you planning a special birthday for a kids party? Kids today have high expectations, don’t they? And why not...in today’s world the choices are practically endless.

Battlezone Playlive is our unique brand of Laser Tag and is able to be played both indoors and out, in daylight or at night and in all weather conditions. This is a truly amazing adventure!

2. Being an all inclusive game with worldwide popularity, laser tag is a very dynamic game and can be quite exciting. As you are no doubt aware, kids are so in tune with video gaming that laser tag is ‘intuitive’ for them. They just get it. Laser tag is inspired by the video game craze.

For that reason, Battlezone Laser Tag uses the terminology and language that the kids of today understand. That helps to totally immerse them into their very own version of a live video game. Watching kids run around as they play you’ll hear them shout out commands, formulate tactics and organise teamwork without a second thought. It’s amazing to watch as kids are communicating with each other to overcome problems and try to reach their goals and objectives.

3. Laser Tag is great fun for kids, is wholesome entertainment for the family and the technology needs to be eye safe. If the company you choose uses actual laser light, be wary.

Battlezone Laser Tag equipment only utilises infra red technology. Invisible light, which is eye safe. Think of a tv remote control, only bigger. All of our gaming equipment has SATR software technology installed. Manufactured in Australia to meet stringent safety standards. With our 12 years of operational experience behind us we can guarantee everyone will have a fun and exciting experience. Every time.

Did we mention we play in an old prison? We have been operating at the Maitland Gaol for over 12 years. We’re a popular adventure activity for all ages and fitness levels! Everyone can play.

4. Many laser tag companies allow you to celebrate a birthday party onsite. Most have a room that’s dedicated as a place to celebrate a party. Quite often a laser tag event comprises 2 or sometimes 3 x 10 minute games with a rotation between games to allow other groups to use the arena. These rotations allow you to celebrate the birthday between games.

At Battlezone Laser Tag we always play 4 x 10 minute missions (games) and everyone plays together. We often have 40 or 50 or even 60 players at one time. Our battlefield is quite large and for this reason we can accommodate everyone at one time. At our halftime break, players have a chance to have a quick drink and some nibbles in your party room. To top it all off, our party rooms are actually prison cells. You can choose our catering package including pizzas and drinks. At the end of the gaming the kids return to their prison cells where you can all celebrate together.  Its really quite a unique venue and is pretty cool...and sure to make your child the hero of the day!

5. Most, if not all laser tag arenas are open 7 days per week. This is a typical business model. High rents necessitate a constant throughput of people. They usually try to run as many players through their business as possible and this quite often means they’ll have older teens and young adults running around the arena when small, young children are playing. There doesn’t seem to be any age restrictions. And it’s always in the dark. They aren’t supervised once they get into the arena.

At Battlezone Laser Tag we are only open weekends. Our birthday events run from 4pm until 5:30. We always have at least 2 staff and quite often 3 on the battlefield during game play depending on group sizes. Your kids are supervised and we have age restrictions in place to ensure older kids and adults enjoy alternative sessions at a more appropriate time. Our ever popular Family Fun Events are recommended for ages 7 through to 12. Being family oriented, your kids can come along with their older siblings and even bring mums and dads to join in the experience. Family bonding has never been so exciting!

6. Generally speaking, laser tag companies typically send a group of up to 24 players onto the battlefield for a ‘free for all’ game. There are no age restrictions. They are not supervised once the doors close and being in a dark, closed environment can be intimidating for some.

At Battlezone Laser Tag our Family Fun Events are run and organised by our professional staff and are always on the field of play to supervise the players during the games. We conduct a safety briefing at the beginning of the event and then debrief them at the end of each game. This helps to heighten their enthusiasm for the game. Our mission library ensures the players have a great time, every time. The games typically have an objective component and is similar to role playing games. They all have an important ‘part’ to play on the their team.

The families and kids who come to these events all play in together. The battlefield is quite large and we play during daylight hours. Being an actual disused prison allows for a lot of outdoor play. This is the ultimate urban battlefield! Players can  choose to play inside the buildings or outside in the corridors adjoining the cell blocks. It’s up to them how they want to engage. Because these events are supervised we can limit who plays. You can only book to play through our office, there are no casual walk-ins, so we know who’s onsite. It’s only right that children aren’t intimidated or bullied by older kids.