5 Tips That Will Dramatically Improve Your Laser Tag Skills

(or...How Not To Be A Sitting Duck)

Do you want to impress your friends with your amazing Laser Tag skills? Don’t have any?

Don’t worry, Laser Skirmish is what we do, so trust us when we say you can dominate the battlefield!

Here’s our top 5 tips for a better Laser Skirmish experience, guaranteed to keep you ahead of he pack.

  1. Shoot Like a Pro: Shooting is obviously the most important aspect of any Laser Skirmish mission. If you’re a first time player and the opponent is within 10 metres, you can sometimes get away by aimlessly shooting in their direction. However, you’ll need to aim accurately to shoot someone at a distance. Our Laser Skirmish guns are fitted with military style red dot scopes. They’re fitted for accuracy. Line up the shot with the little red dot, pull the trigger and you’re more likely going to hit them. Shooting from the hip only works in the movies. Probably the best tip is very simple. Fire as many bullets as you can and as accurately as possible. When you discover the enemy, it’s your duty to shoot without a second thought. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to make your move, instead keep shooting and take advantage of every opportunity.
  1. Think and Move Strategically: The worst thing you can do on the battlefield is stand still. Sure, it can get tiring and you might need to rest for awhile. In that case find a good vantage point from where you can snipe yet stay protected as you catch your breath. Otherwise keep going, keep walking or even running because as you’ll find out quickly enough, it’s much harder to hit a moving target than a static one. At times you’ll want to be quiet and move steadily. Now it’s important to plan your moves in a strategic manner. Keep your eyes and ears open. Listen to the sound of battle around you, listen for approaching footsteps, look for shadows and movement. Always make sure your clip is loaded so you’re ready to fire in an instant. You don’t want to meet the enemy and find you don’t have any ammo!
  1. Wear Dark and Comfortable Clothing: Avoid wearing light or bright colours. You’ll ‘stand out’. Your best defence is wearing dark colours or camouflage clothing and comfortable black shoes. Remember, Battlezone Playlive is dynamic and you will be running, ducking down, crouching and maybe even rolling. Your outfit needs to allow for that. Super tight jeans, dress shoes, and loud and colourful clothing may not be the best choice for Laser Skirmish.
  1. Understand Your Surroundings: As soon as possible, learn the layout of the map. Scout out locations which provide vantage points, open areas to avoid, as well as potential rest areas. Do a run through early on and as mentioned...keep moving!
  1. Keep Your Gun Up: Watching the pros while they’re playing, you’ll soon realise that their gun is always ready to fire. They’re gun is up to eye level and they’re scanning as they move forwards. Swinging the gun slightly side to side while looking through their scope gives you a distinct advantage when you make contact with the enemy. If your gun is down by your side it won’t give you much chance to bring your gun to bear when you meet an enemy player who is prepared to shoot. You will be taken out...instantly. Be ready.

Keep these 5 tips in mind while you’re on the battlefield and you’ll be way ahead of other players. Your friends won’t believe you’ve only played a few times, or never before! Don’t believe us? Come and test it for yourself at Battlezone Playlive...HOOAH!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Our youth group had a great experience and it was fantastic fun. The Battlezone staff were all excellent, from making the booking to running the event. They all provided great customer service and made our End Of Year Break Up Party a night that was the best!” - Brian Procter