VIP Escort

15 minutes

A key figure in your team has been captured by the enemy - and you have been tasked with getting them out. The VIP is located in the far corner of the gaol under heavy guard, and has sustained significant injuries that hinder their movement speed. For the attacking team to be victorious, they must locate the VIP and escort them to the entrance of the gaol.

The defending team are well aware of the VIP's significance and are willing to provide whatever resources are necessary to prevent the attacking team from accomplishing their goal. At the start of the game, the defending team will have 1 minute to set up a defensive perimeter around the VIP, deploying wherever in the gaol they believe will give them a tactical advantage. Respawns for the defending team are wave based, meaning that their forces are only replenished every 2 minutes, This gives the attacking team a small window to get to the VIP.

The attacking team have unlimited respawns, but must navigate the long sight-lines and narrow corridors of the gaol knowing the enemy could be lurking around every corner. Their aim is to eliminate enough of the defenders in a short enough time so that they can slip through the defences and reach the VIP. Once at the VIP, a player can begin to guide them by tapping the VIP on the shoulder. The VIP is limited to walking pace, so the player must stay in close proximity to them at all times. If the player guiding the VIP is eliminated, the VIP will stop, and must be tapped again by a live player to continue. The VIP will not return to their original location (who would want to go back to such terrible conditions?).

Victory condition:

Attacking team: the VIP reaches the attacking team's deployment location.

Defending team: the attacking team does not achieve their objective before the timer runs out.