20 minutes

Frontlines is broken into three stages:

  1. An objective point in the middle of the field, that each team must attempt to capture and hold for 30 seconds uninterrupted.
  2. An objective point closer to the spawn of whichever team lost the first objective, that must be captured and held for 30 seconds uninterrupted.
  3. A box with 20HP at the base of whichever team lost the second objective, that must be destroyed by the attackers to win the game.

Frontlines begins with two teams competing over a single objective point - a zone in the centre of the field that must be captured and defended for 30 seconds to claim it as your own.

If you are successful, your team will be granted limited respawns to continue to push into enemy territory to capture and hold a second objective for a further 30 seconds.

If your team is able to capture the enemy's objective, their respawns are disabled and their base becomes vulnerable - a box with 20HP is activated and must be destroyed to win the game. Your team will once again have limited respawns to complete this objective, so play carefully!

If you fail to capture the second or third objective, the previous objective becomes active again, and must be re-captured to continue advancing.