10 minutes

In Domination, players compete for control of the Domination Box. This piece of equipment is fitted with a sensor that can differentiate between which team has last hit it, and a timer to track how long a team has maintained control. When the game starts, both teams must locate the Domination Box and attempt to shoot the sensor. As long as the box is flashing your team's colour, you're in control - which means your timer is the one counting. Once you have captured the box and secured the area, be prepared to defend your position against the enemy team, who now must try and displace you, and capture the box for themselves.

Once the game is over, the team who has maintained control of the box for the longest amount of time wins. This game is usually played twice, so you'll have a chance to play from both ends of the field.

In more advanced events, there may be multiple Domination Boxes on the field, meaning you'll have to co-ordinate with your team to direct players to where they are needed the most.